Dairy & Wheat Allergies

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Possibly two of the most allergic foods known to man are milk or dairy and wheat. Remember when it was secure as heck to drink milk and eat that whole wheat sandwich?

They have gone through these biological changes that their formula is no longer familiar with the human body. Milk, for example, comes from cow’s, who eat the grass and the grass itself was sprayed by pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. It enters your body with an intolerance against dairy and wheat and that is why we clear all of them. Even though you may not respond to the substances, it’s still bad for you. It’s like eating sugar. Despite the fact that we have cleared it, it still isn’t great for you.

Because of their high use in North America, they have to be analyzed for and re-balanced. By re-balance, I mean the body can be “reset” using our techniques. If you can imagine a wavy line, which depicts your bodies allergic reaction to this substance. Now, after you have gone through our technique, the previously wavy line is currently represented by a set line, which suggests your body’s acceptance to the same substance you were previously allergic to.

Even after Lake Worth Bat Removal the things, you should still follow the 80-20 rule, where 80 percent of the time you should stay clear from dairy and wheat and 20% of the time you may go crazy. It is this 20% of the time that we don’t want to see you suffer and that’s the reason we clean the substances. That is mainly because you can see them as a thing which has gone through some”unique” changes and it is due to these changes that they are no more synergistic with the human body. We know it is not good for us but 20 percent of the time, we can go a little crazier! But we all should stay away from them as far as we can because they just are not that great for us.

It’s the result of re-balancing, within your body, these special kits that contain the milk and wheat in them that allow you to eat the products once more. However, just don’t go mad on the substances. You might be cleared but your body could slip back if you are going to consume it like there is no tomorrow! But, best of all, there’s a silver-lining to all of this and we should be able to get you on your way to feeling good once more after eating the items.

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